Work Experience

Microsoft Azure
Senior Software Engineer (full time)
Software Engineer (full time)
NC State University
Graduate Research and Senior Teaching Assistant
I have more than 3 years' Ruby on Rails development experience. Since 2014 I began to work on an open source project named Expertiza. Expertiza is a web application through which students can submit and peer-review learning objects (articles, code, etc.). This system is used by more than 21 institutions all over the world. Now I am the chief maintainer and contributor of the system and contributed almost 1000 commits to the master branch. I am familiar with the RSpec testing framework and write tests to increase the test coverage from 28% to 48%.
Procore Technologies
Site Reliability Engineer Intern
In 2018 summer, I interned as a site reliability engineer at Procore Technologies. During this period, I implemented a GraphQL API for an on-demand staging environment to manage Kubernetes resources on Tectonic. And I also built the front end of this system using React and Relay. Besides, I wrote RSpec specs for the whole GraphQL API and set up CircleCI to continuously run tests, build docker images and push images to
SDE Intern (DevOps)
In 2017 summer I interned as a DevOps engineer at IBM. During this period, I closely worked with other team members and finished 2 projects. For the first project, I created an infrastructure test suite written by InSpec to verify configuration results converged by Test Kitchen and Chef. For my second project, I migrated a big data sharing platform to Kubernetes cluster.
Software Developer Intern
In 2016 summer, I interned as a software engineer at in Austin, TX. During this period, I utilized Ruby on Rails, Sequel, and PostgreSQL to build a Key Performance Index (KPI) report for the marketing team. And I also fixed more than 15 issues from JIRA scrum board with Agile methodology. What is more, I implemented Rubocop on 6 projects to enforce coding guidelines (corrected more than 7000 LOC) and created a pre-commit git hook to ensure the code quality of each commit.