IBM Summer Intern Chef and Kubernetes Projects

The first project is related to a configuration management tool named Chef. The second project is related to container orchestration tool named Kubernetes. Description Created infrastructure test suites written by InSpec testing framework to verify configuration results converged... Keep reading » KPI Report

A KPI report for marketing team using Ruby on Rails as web application framework, Sequel as ORM layer for mapping records to Ruby objects and handling associated records and PostgreSQL on AWS as the database. Description Utilized Ruby... Keep reading »

OpenMRS Security Evaluation

Open Medical Record System (OpenMRS®) was created in 2004 as a open source medical record system platform for developing countries – a tide which rises all ships. Read more at: About OpenMRS Description Performed a security review based... Keep reading »


Description Utilized Ruby on Rails features in designing an Agile software project management tool. Practice Agile and use Storyboards to assign and track Stories. Story is a small task or piece of work that is used to divide... Keep reading »

3D Space Invader

Description This project was to simulate the classic game Space Invader by OpenGL. In addition to implement to basic components, such as the field, players’ cannon, cannon shooting, this project also included some additional effects. Such as the... Keep reading »