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Hello, my name is Zhewei Hu
Software Engineer@Microsoft Azure
Ph.D.@NC State

OSS Project: Users Controller Refactoring in Expertiza

This project is related to make contributions to an open-source project named Expertiza. I refactored the existing bad smells following Ruby on Rails best practises, implemented new features related to user model and writing RSpec tests with two team members.


  • Find the un-called methods if any and delete them.
  • Change the Rails 2 syntax to Rails 4 style.
  • Refactor users_controller.rb
  • Change the white space for the second half of this file, starts at “def edit”.
  • Separate the paginate_list method into two methods. The search method should be in model and the paginating method should be in the controller.
  • New feature: delete users
    • A user can be deleted if (s)he has not participated in an assignment.
    • If the user is participating in an assignment, the system will ask, “User is participating in k assignments. Delete as a participant in these assignment(s)?”
    • If the user has submitted or reviewed in any of these assignments, the system will say the user cannot be deleted, but offer to rename the user account to _hidden.
      • rename (javascript calling update method in users_controller.rb)
      • different users have different delete methods.
    • If the person trying to delete does not want to rename the account, the system will just say that the user can’t be deleted.
  • Write Rspec unit test and increase the test coverage to 28%.