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Hello, my name is Zhewei Hu
Software Engineer@Pinterest
Ph.D.@NC State

IBM Summer Intern: Chef and Kubernetes Projects

I interned at IBM Aspera DevOps team as a software engineer during 2017 summer. My first project is related to a configuration management tool named Chef. My second project is related to a container orchestration tool named Kubernetes.


  1. Created infrastructure test suites written by InSpec testing framework to verify configuration results converged by Test Kitchen or configured by Chef.
  2. Set up Cron jobs to monitor infrastructure settings in real-time and send notification emails via SendGrid if exceptions occur.
  3. Ported a big data sharing platform to Kubernetes cluster with etcd as distributed key-value store and Calico as CNI network plugin.
  4. Replaced Nginx service with Nginx Ingress Controller that manages Ingress rules enabling inbound traffic to applications.