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Hello, my name is Zhewei Hu
Software Engineer@Microsoft Azure
Ph.D.@NC State

How to conquer the Object-Oriented Design and Development (OODD) course? — Part II

Hello everyone, my name is Zhewei Hu. I am a site reliability engineer at Pinterest. Before that, I was a Ph.D. student under the direction of Dr. Ed Gehringer. I was the teaching assistant for the Object-Oriented Design and Development (OODD) course, aka. CSC/ECE 517 for more than 4 years. I’d like to share some of my experience to help you conquer this course and get A+. This is the second part.

Part I - Homework (405 pts)

Part II (595 pts)

Reviews (120 pts)

  • You are required to do both peer reviews and teammate reviews for “Ruby on Rails program”, “OSS project”, and “Final project”. If you do not know how to do reviews in Expertiza, please ask teaching staff.
  • For review messages, please write as elaborate as you can. If you only write words like “Awesome”, “Nice”, “Good”, you will get a very low grade because we will calculate the valid words in your review messages.
  • If you forgot doing reviews, don’t worry! Just ask the professor for help. :)

Exams (360 pts)

  • You can bring your own laptop with Internet connection during exams. Volia!
  • Please do not communicate with each other during exams.
  • Please prepare for the exams in advance. Even though you have the access to the Internet, you will not be able to find any exam questions online. Also, if you try to understand some materials during the exam, you will not have enough time to finish the exam.

Quizzes (5 pts. each, 70 pts in total)

  • Please finish quizzes in Webassign each week before class.
  • After finishing each quiz, you need to answer another question about whether you need this week’s quiz credit. You need to select “Yes” in order to receive the credit. It is confusing, right? Me too. You could ask the processor for the reason.

Attendance and Extra Credits (5 pts. per class for up to 9 classes, 45 pts in total)

  • Teaching staff decide whether you attend the class based on whether you submit the Google forms during the class.
  • There are may ways to earn extra credits, for instance, helping classmates set up the development environment, doing extra peer reviews. Please ask teaching staff for detailed information.