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Hello, my name is Zhewei Hu
Software Engineer@Pinterest
Ph.D.@NC State

Building Netflix Prize Prediction Model

Netflix Prize competition was hold by Netflix Inc. in Oct 2006. The main goal of this competition was to predict how many score a user will rate for a movie, by learning a test set containing nearly 100 million customer rating records.


Given the 100 million customer rating records, focused on the following tasks:

  1. Predicted the existed records by data analysis techniques (Decision tree, ANN, KNN, etc.), and computed the RMSE (Root mean squared error) of different model, and then compare them.
  2. Forecasted whether one customer will be in favor of one released movie.
  3. Given essential information (directors, genres, casts, etc) of a movie, predicted which group of customers will love it, and which group of customers will dislike it.